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Why choose AMBS call center?

“The team at Michigan CAT has relied on Ambs Call Center for years to provide our customers with with best-in-class answering service 24/7. We have been extremely satisfied with Ambs Call Center’s service.” Independently verified service excellence. Secret shopping program for service quality. Our team seniority is over 5 years of experience.

Why should I join AMBS?

Together, we join in God’s ongoing work to renew and redeem the world. AMBS exists to serve the church. The best place to learn Anabaptist history and theology.

What is the myambs client web portal?

To further make your work life easier, we have a web-based suite of features called myAmbs Client Web Portal for you to use. Every message our team of client call agents gets recorded. With Message Retrieval, you’re able to view and read every message, and take appropriate actions based on the caller’s needs.

What is ABMS board certification?

What is ABMS Board Certification? Physicians who take the extra step to become board certified follow a recognized program based on the standards for specialty medicine. How does ABMS Support Physicians?