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Does AOL Mail cost money?

“AOL Mail is a web-based product that is free to all users regardless of their paid relationship with us,” Aol PR told me when I inquired as to why these headlines (somewhat mistakenly) accuse them of charging for it. Well, that explanation is much more clear than this vaguely-worded “Project Phoenix” press release.

Does AOL offer free email?

Free AOL services include: Your AOL username and email account, accessible at AOL security services that protect you from spam, pop-ups and unknown viruses attached to emails. Contacts (your AOL Address Book) AOL Video. AOL Search. View all of your Free Benefits at

What is going on with AOL Mail?

Why You Might Experience AOL IssuesPoor Internet Connection. Since sending and receiving emails will always require some type of network, this should always be the first thing you check.Outdated Web Browser or Operating System. Software updates can seem repetitive but are necessary to make sure applications continue to work. …Mail Server Outages. …Incorrect Mail Account Settings. …

How safe is AOL Mail?

AOL Mail is no longer a safe place to use email or to use as an OpenID endpoint – and that includes past and old accounts you may have. While AOL mail lost the majority of new email signups when they began requiring a real phone number for all free email accounts, now they have begun permanently deleting all accounts which have not been active over the last 180 days.