Atc Siterra

How many projects are handled with siterra?

More than 2.1 billion global projects are handled with Siterra. Oversee all project tasks and deliverables in a single system. Siterra’s telecom project management solution compresses project schedules and budgets by streamlining your processes. Track all aspects of tower and network projects while enabling teams to execute more projects, faster.

How can siterra help you?

Easily construct complex schedules. With Siterra, you reduce the degree of manual schedule adjustments and achieve greater project scheduling accuracy. Administrators can define what constitutes a normal work week and capture holidays and other non-workdays into one or more calendars.

What is siterra API and how to use it?

The Siterra API is a representational state transfer (REST) API that provides access to data resources via URL paths. To use the API, your application must make an HTTP request using the standard methods like GET, PUT, POST and DELETE and then parse the response.