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What is a BAPRO test bench?

Bapro is the only company totally dedicated to the development and production of chassis dynamometers test benches for cars and motorbikes; delivering chassis dynamometers distinguished by the utmost repeatability and accuracy. All Bapro test benches are made in braked configuration by eddy current brake.

Why choose BAPRO Dyno?

Fully customized car dynos and complete dyno cells. Bapro is the only official Dyno of TCR. Bapro has been selected by TÜV in a world tender as dyno suppliers for their testlanes for used cars checks.

What is the water binding capacity of BAPRO?

All Bapro products have a water binding capacity of approximately 20:1, which delivers a significant yield contribution to meat and meat products.   It comes in powdered form and easily dissolves in water. Due to its low dosage rates, there are no flavor issues. Applications