Baycare Olc

What kind of information is on the BayCare web site?

The materials on this Web site include information about corporate responsibility, customer service, risk management, diversity, and patient and team member safety, as well as other BayCare policies and procedures. All materials on this Web site and in the Online Learning Center (OLC) are considered Proprietary Information.**

Why train with BayCare?

The training activities on this site help promote safety, security and effective care by focusing on key topics and regulations supporting the BayCare Mission, Vision and Values.

What is the difference between BayCare and baycareanywhere?

BayCare provides access to various testing options at Urgent Care clinics throughout the Tampa Bay area. BayCareAnywhere ® gives you 24/7 access to a live doctor so that you can get on the fast track to getting better.

How many hospitals are in BayCare Medical Group?

BayCare Medical Group BayCare Medical Group is Tampa Bay’s leading multi-specialty group with over 600 providers practicing in more than 190 locations in 46 specialties throughout the Tampa Bay area and central Florida.