Bealls Routing Guide

Who is required to use Bealls routing guide?

All Bealls merchandise and non- merchandise vendors are required to use Bealls Routing Guide on all shipments that Bealls is paying the freight charges. This transportation routing guide is only valid for purchase orders issued by Bealls. All purchase orders are subject to the PO terms and conditions on Bealls Vendor Partnership Guide website.

Does Beall’s outlet stores mail guides?

Beall’s Outlet Stores does NOT mail guides. All instructions in this Vendor Partnership Guide are terms and conditions of our purchase orders and must be carefully checked before forwarding any shipments to our Distribution Center / Stores. All Instructions in the Transportation Routing Guide must be strictly followed.

What is the bell routing guide?

Welcome to the Bell Textron Inc. (Bell) domestic and international shipment Routing Guide. Our aim is to keep improving our collective supply chain efficiencies while minimizing freight costs. Bell Routing Guides are ONLY for shipments where Bell is responsible for paying the transportation provider directly.

How often is the Bealls vendor partnership Guide published?

2) Review Bealls Vendor Partnership Guide. This is published twice a year, February and August. Changes to the Store Listing may not coincide with the twice a year publication schedule. Be sure to continually check for store listing updates. a) Bealls Vendor Partnership Guide.