Bearmail Unc

How do I contact the University of Northern Colorado (UNC)?

Email: [email protected]; This is the University of Northern Colorado’s (UNC) computer infrastructure. These resources, including all related equipment, networks, and network devices, are provided for authorized UNC use only. UNC computer systems may be monitored for official purposes.

How do I sign up for email at UNC?

Click on “Email Sign-Up” on the left hand menu to set up your UNC email account, create an easy-to-remember alias, and change your password. If you use a smartphone to check your email, we recommend you connect your UNC email to your phone’s inbox.

How do I access the University of North Carolina library?

Login using your UNC email address and password. Take care of financial aid, view transcripts, access textbook information, visit Degree Works and more. Log in to your email address and access OneDrive. Use Summon to search for over 1.5 million available library resources. Print from anywhere on campus.

What is the faculty and staff email service?

This service provides UNC Faculty, Staff and Students email accounts which are provided through Microsoft Office 365. Faculty and Staff emails are the combination of your first & last name, sometimes with a middle initial for uniqueness.