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Why should law enforcement officers use Thomson Reuters clear software?

Law enforcement officers face immense challenges during the course of their work. Having world-class tools like Thomson Reuters CLEAR software solution at their disposal makes their work more efficient, which saves lives and keeps communities safer. Ready to see CLEAR in action? Fill out this form to get a free demo!

What is Thomson Reuters clear®?

Thomson Reuters CLEAR® is powered by billions of data points and leverages cutting-edge public records technology to bring all key content together in a customizable dashboard. Locate hard-to-find information and quickly identify potential concerns associated with people and businesses to determine if further analysis is needed.

What is clear for law enforcement?

CLEAR for law enforcement has demonstrated its unique capabilities with agencies nationwide, delivering both real-time and historical data quickly, so you can improve officer safety and community well-being. Already using CLEAR? Sign in Questions? Call 1-888-728-7677