Clsd Skyward Login

How do I Reset my Student’s skyward password?

Enter your email address in the "Forgot Login/ Password" link on the Skyward Login page. If your email is not in the records or you do not receive the information, contact your student’s campusand provide identity and custodial status. They will then issue a username and password.

How do I make changes to my skyward account?

Q: How do I make changes to my account? A: Please contact your school or district office. Skyward does not have access to your account and is unable to change any of your personal information or settings. Q: How can I reset my password?

How do I get access to Skyward family access?

Click hereto get Skyward Family Access support from the LISD Technology team! (Navigation: "Software/Online Systems" -> "Skyward for Parents/Students" -> "Family Access") Requesting Access to Skyward Family Access Parents of existing LISD students should follow these steps to request access to Skyward Family Access: