Collier Data Warehouse

What is the data warehouse?

Data Warehouse is the property of the School District of Collier County. Data Warehouse use is restricted to authorized personnel only and for instructional and learning purposes only.

Is a data warehouse the right choice for Advanced Analytics?

When organizations need advanced data analytics or analysis that draws on historical data from multiple sources across their enterprise, a data warehouse is likely the right choice. Why Not Run Analytics Against Your OLTP Environment?

How to migrate to a cloud data warehouse?

An easy way to start your migration to a cloud data warehouse is to run your cloud data warehouse on-premises, behind your data center firewall which complies with data sovereignty and security requirements. In addition, most cloud data warehouses follow a pay-as-you-go model, which brings added cost savings to customers.

What is an autonomous data warehouse?

The most recent iteration of the data warehouse is the autonomous data warehouse, which relies on AI and machine learning to eliminate manual tasks and simplify setup, deployment, and data management.