How can connect help my students overcome obstacles?

Connect, along with other McGraw Hill supporting tools, affordable options, and programs are here to help you and your students overcome the obstacles to success. Listen to Alejandra, a member of our Student Amabassador program, tell her story. With Connect, your students get so much more than just a digital version of the text.

What do students want from connect?

They want to succeed, but when they do find time to study, they often rely on ineffective methods that limit their potential. What they are asking for is learning that is personalized, flexible, and affordable. They’re asking for learning that fits them. Connect can help with that.

What is Mumu connect and how does it work?

MU Connect is a student success tool that allows you to schedule appointments with campus staff and instructors via your "Success Network." This includes academic advisors, residence hall coordinators, financial aid advisors, instructors, and other campus services.

What can I do in CPP connect?

What can you do in CPP Connect? Make an appointment with a campus resource including advising, tutoring, career services, and financial aid View drop-in hours for college advising centers, participating faculty advisors, and other support programs Request an appointment with your college advising center advisor (s)