Eag Ag

Is the average the same as the EAG?

This average is not the same as the eAG. Even if you test your blood 10 times a day or more, you are only getting a reading of what your glucose is at that moment. In fact, the average determined by your glucose meter is likely to be lower than your eAG.

What is Eag in A1C?

eAG is reported in mg/dL (mmol/L). This is the same measurement used in home blood sugar meters. eAG relates directly to your A1C results. Because it uses the same units as home meters, eAG makes it easier for people to understand their A1C values.

What does it mean if my EAG value is high?

As indicated above, higher eAG values indicate higher average blood glucose levels over the past few months. If you’re in the prediabetes or diabetes range, you may be at an increased risk of developing diabetes complications. If your eAG value is higher than your target, it could be an opportunity to improve your personalized treatment plan.