Fisher 401k Login

How can I access information about my Fisher Investments account online?

If you’re a client of Fisher Investments Private Client Group looking to access information about your account online, please contact your Investment Counselor.

Why partner with Fisher for retirement?

We redefine what it means to be a partner in retirement. At Fisher, we specialize in small business retirement. As a result, we act as your advocate and have the knowledge, resources and clout to champion your needs.

How do I get help accessing my 401 (k) plan information?

Or forgot your login and/or password? If you need help accessing your workplace’s 401 (k) plan information, please call our 401 (k) Help Desk and a member of our Service Team will help you with your request.

Why does Fisher Investments use a third-party custodian?

Using a third-party custodian promotes transparency by allowing our clients to independently verify what’s in their portfolios. In short, any portfolio information available to Fisher Investments is also available to clients via their custodian. Contact your Investment Counselor for assistance accessing your account.