Franklin County Probation Portal

How do I contact the Franklin County Adult Probation Office?

All Probation Officers are available by phone, text and/or email. For general questions, please contact the Adult Probation Office at 717-264-6613. The main objective of the Franklin County Adult Probation/Parole Department is to effectively monitor criminal offenders living and working in the community.

What does the Adult Probation Department do?

The Adult Probation Department is committed to maintaining a dynamic, evidence-based organization that empowers staff, promotes diversity, values learning, and works collaboratively with the community to positively impact individuals under our supervision while protecting the citizens of Franklin County.

Where is the Department of pretrial and probation services located?

375 S. High St., 5th Fl. & 8th Fl. How can we help? The Department of Pretrial and Probation Services is an evidenced based organization employing skilled staff with specialized training, advanced degrees, and professional licensure.