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How do I add a new device to my gowifi account?

I gotchu fam. Login to gowifi on a desktop. Remove all devices currently hooked up to your account. When you do that, the page will say “add device”. Then go to your switch and find it’s MAC address in its settings. Punch in the MAC address into that “add device” option.

Does gowifi guarantee the security of my information?

However, goWiFi does not guarantee the security of such information. You may access other web sites through the Service, but goWiFi is not responsible for the privacy policies, terms and conditions of use, or content of any such web sites.

Why does gowifi work with third-party vendors?

goWiFi may engage reputable third-party vendors in order to help us manage the Service and allow us to better assist our users. These may include third-party vendors engaged to analyze, for marketing purposes, the information collected by goWiFi.