Hawkmail 365 Iowa

Does the University of Iowa use Microsoft Office 365 for email?

More than 13,000 first-, second-, and third-year University of Iowa students are already using Microsoft Office 365 for email. In late May, non-graduating fourth-year students will join, gaining access to larger mailboxes and a full portfolio of…

Where do I login to my hawkmail?

Where do I go to login to my HAWKMail? Login to your myHACC account using the information provided to you upon admission to the college. After logging in to the portal, click on the HAWKMail link located in the left side menu of the screen and you will automatically be signed in to your official HAWKMail account.

What is hawkmail and what is it for?

What is HAWKMail? All credit and workforce development students admitted to HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College are assigned an official college HAWKMail email account. Your HAWKMail is a free Google Mail (Gmail) account that HACC will use to email students about:

What is the difference between myhacc and hawkmail?

Your HAWKMail account is accessed through the myHACC portal; therefore, your HAWKMail and myHACC passwords are the same. What can I use my HAWKMail for?