Health Help Radconsult

Why choose healthhelp?

Through its unique collaborative model that has been proven to outperform traditional prior authorization and is a natural fit for the adoption of value-based initiatives, HealthHelp finds a solution for complex clinical scenarios thereby doing the right thing for the members, providers, and health plan partners.

What is the healthhelp model?

Leading the way in quality and outcome-based approach, the HealthHelp model facilitates collaboration between providers and HealthHelp specialty experts resulting in higher quality of care for members, while delivering efficiencies and cost savings to the health plan.

What can radmd do for You?

Primarily designed for Imaging Facilities, Hospitals and Health Plans, logging on to RadMD can provide up-to-the-hour information on a member’s authorization, including date called, date approved, exam category, valid billing codes (CPT) and much more. Up-to-the-hour updates on authorization status reduces time spent on the phone with NIA.

Why do I need to sign up for consult™ online?

This will ensure payment of the claims you submit for services. Using a secure login, you will have the ability to access Consult™ Online or call the Consult™ contact center to check the status of procedure requests.