Hewitt Unisys

What is the Unisys help center?

The Unisys Help Center provides access to Unisys help and other resources with an easy to remember URL. Unisys employees and contractors can find many resources without having to connect to the internal Unisys network from a simple, easy to remember URL.

How much did Unisys pay its former employees?

Unisys Corp., Blue Bell, Pa., announced in a news release Monday that 5,800 former employees who are vested in its U.S. pension plan have accepted a lump-sum offer. The company will make payments totaling about $216 million to those former employees who are vested in the plan but have yet to retire.

Is Unisys an equal opportunity employer?

Unisys Corporation and its subsidiaries are equal opportunity employers EEO committed to workplace diversity. This commitment includes our efforts to provide for all those who seek to express interest in employment the opportunity to participate without barriers.

How can I learn more about the Unisys impact?

To learn more about the Unisys impact, check out what our clients are saying about their better outcomes. Unisys has a rich history of working with many government entities around the world to provide leading-edge solutions to its citizens.