Icrew Deltanet

How do I get Started with icrew?

It’s easy to get up and running with a free iCrew trial for up to 45 days and 20 club members. Click here to get started today. iCrew is full of features, all specifically designed for rowing teams. Coaches and athletes each have their own home page designed to offer the functionality key to their role on the team.

Why choose icrew for your team?

iCrew is full of features that will help you get on the water faster. Athletes can easily update their attendance plans for all practice sessions so you know who will be at any given session. Regatta planning is a snap too! And with the various methods for communications, you’ll know that everyone will always have the information they need.

How much does the icrew subscription cost?

The iCrew subscription fee is based on the number of club members and on the selected subscription option. Billing occurs monthly and there are no long-term contracts. The two subscription options are shown below. NOTE: If you collect payments through iCrew, there is a small per-transaction fee. There is also a one-time $49 on-boarding fee.

What is icrew for rowing clubs?

Now with iCrew, all those things rowing clubs need is available in one place. iCrew is packed full of great functionality for club admins, coaches and athletes. iCrew is a cloud-based system that runs in any internet browser, on any device. You can also install the iCrew app from either the Apple or Android app store.