Ilearn Mq

How do I log in to iLearn?

Logging in to iLearn Log into iLearn at Your ‘iLearn username’ will be your standard Macquarie Student ID Number (an 8-digit number found on your Campus Card). Open Universities Australia (OUA) students will find your Student ID Number in the Confirmation of Enrolment letter included with your Macquarie study package.

What can iLearn do for You?

iLearn enables learning, teaching, communication and collaboration online. Through iLearn, you can:

What browser do I need to use iLearn?

In order to access resources and activities in your iLearn unit, you will need a browser such as Firefox or Chrome. iLearn will operate on the following browsers, it is recommended that you upgrade your browser to the most recent version:

What is iLearn’s path tracking feature?

It is a feature of iLearn that tracks your path to make it easy for you to go back to a page you visited. Using the browser navigation buttons – You can navigate within the unit the same way you browse the web using back/forward buttons.