Keolis Scheduling

What does Keolis do?

Providing high-quality, accessible services for those who need an alternative to fixed route due to disability. Helping design, test, and operate light rail is one of Keolis’ specialties as the operator of North America’s newest light rail service.

Why Keolis public transit?

Keolis sees public transit as something more than taking our passengers from A to B. It connects us to the people and places that matter. This opens in a new window. Public transportation empowers us to broaden our horizons, follow our dreams, and connect to more people, places, and possibilities.

How many passengers does Keolis carry?

Carrying over 470 million passengers each year across the globe, Keolis is a leader in regional rail, and the largest heavy rail operator in the U.S. Bringing reliable, accessible, and efficient solutions that meet the immediate demands for transit in a community.