Lausd Mclass Login

How do I use single sign-on (SSO) with MClass?

LAUSD mCLASS Single Sign-On Amplify has made changes so you can use single sign-on (SSO) to access your mCLASS solutions. While your mCLASS experience will remain the same, you’ll need to use a different web address to log in to Amplify Home and to set up the mCLASS app to assess your students.

What do I do if my MClass login is not working?

Your MCLASS login is your LAUSD SSO. Try the options below and if it doesn’t work, call Alison Pickering (213-241-2494) at the Division of Instruction. 1. Change LAUSD SSO password: If that doesn’t work… 2. Clear your browser history: Help! How Do I Invalidate a Score? 1. Log into the assessment side ( 2.

How does MClass® work?

mCLASS® Item-Level Advisor automatically highlights important patterns, offering detailed analysis and suggesting next steps for targeted instruction. mCLASS® Small-Group Advisor uses results to create optimal groups of students with similar needs and selects targeted instructional activities at the appropriate level.

What can I do with MClass intervention?

With mClass Intervention you can: Quickly analyze assessment and progress-monitoring data. Create and customize skills-based intervention groups. Download short bursts of instruction for each group. Adapt lessons to the skill, pace, and style needed for each student.