Lincolnedu Simnet Online

How do I access my SIMNET course?

Accessing your SIMnet course starts with the SIMnet Home Page. On the Home Page you can sign in to your account, purchase access to your online materials, register, and get help.

Could Lincoln Tech be the next success story?

Learn about lives that have changed through Lincoln Tech career training! Lincoln Tech has been changing lives around the country since 1946. Yours could be the next success story! Investing in your education is one of the smartest financial decisions you can make.

Does Lincoln offer any online degree programs?

Coming together on our campus is an essential part of the Lincoln experience. As a result, we don’t offer any online degree programs. However, online learning is an increasingly important part of our academic offerings. Many of our courses now are presented as a blended learning experience, mixing in-person teaching with online course materials.

What happens if I already have a SIMNET username?

Warning: If you already have a SIMnet username because you’ve already taken a course in SIMnet or have an expired Courtesy Access account use your existing username. Don’t create a second account as your grades will not carryover to a second account.