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Is lsatmax available on mobile devices?

Please sign in LSATMax is also on iOS & Android. Download to take your test prep wherever you are.

Which is the best app for LSAT prep?

LSATMax is the leading comprehensive LSAT prep course available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. We also offer LSAT test prep online.

How can i Improve my LSAT score?

If you signed up for an 8-10 week course right before your LSAT, then you can absolutely improve your score by continuing to prep and retaking the LSAT. Generally speaking, the longer you prepare for the LSAT, the higher you will score. This of course assumes that you are preparing with the correct strategies but the LSAT is learnable.

Is 166 a good score on the LSAT?

A good score can get you a merit scholarship and into a school that sends many graduates to high-paying employers. 90% of students with an LSAT score of 166 or above receive merit scholarships. Common Questions About the LSAT. Can you retake the LSAT and improve your score? Where to start with the LSAT? How long do LSAT scores last?