Manheim 2nd Chance

What is Manheim’s 2nd Chance Sale?

ATLANTA – Life may not always provide second chances – but Manheim now does. Today the company announced the nationwide rollout of 2 nd Chance Sale, a new app that allows customers to easily access and make offers on unsold vehicles after they cross the auction block.

What is a 2nd Chance Sale?

2nd Chance Sales offer an additional opportunity to bid on vehicles after auction. Didn’t get to bid on that vehicle you had your eye on? Here’s your 2nd chance to check out our unsold units from today’s sale. On sale day, tap the 2nd chance icon in the header of your Manheim mobile app

How do I get a gate pass from Manheim?

Customers can use the “My Purchases” tab on and can now download, view, print or email a gate pass directly to transport carriers, without having to spend time waiting in line on auction day to collect passes.