Marian Online2

How do I log into Marian Online 2?

Student Guide to Marian Online 2 1 Logging into Marian Online 2: 1. Click the link to Marian Online. It will open a browser. Marian Online is compatible with Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers. 2. On the right of the screen, you will see a Login box. Your username and password are your email username (jldoe24) and password.

How do I Find my Professors in Marian Online 2?

Once you have logged into Marian Online 2, you will see the My courses page where all your courses will be listed. Your professors’ names will appear under the course names. If you log in and do not see all of your courses, please understand that not all instructors use Marian Online and not all courses have components online.

What is the mymarian portal?

Welcome to MyMarian! Welcome to the My Marian Portal! My Marian was designed to provide you with the most up-to-date information and access to our resources, services, and office information. In order to get information specific to you, please Sign In to your account using your Marian University username and password.

When will my course appear in Marian online?

Sometimes instructors do not open their courses to students until after the first meeting. Your instructor is the only person who can answer these types of questions for you, so contact your instructor directly to find out when/if your course will appear in Marian Online.