Mbs Textbooks Intranet

Why MBS for college stores?

We decided to make the switch to MBS in November of 2014. It has been a great decision for our store. Flourishing college stores start with MBS. With the largest inventory of used books in the industry, a full range of retail technology and comprehensive support, we can provide your store with the tools and resources you need to grow.

What does it take to be an MBS buyer?

Paramount to your success as an MBS buyer will be your ability to communicate the above mission to hundreds of college students. All the service principles taught in retailing help define a good buyer: treat people as you wish to be treated and with a smile, know your business, think on your feet and work with a sense of purpose.

Why choose our textbook distributing services?

Our primary goal is to provide customers with state-of-the-art technology, maintain genuine partnerships and offer superior knowledge of the textbook industry in an effort to simplify course material distribution for educational institutions.

Why do some textbooks need to be inspected?

Some types of textbooks need to be inspected with additional care. This downloadable list is for buyers and outlines the types of potentially problematic books, what is okay to buy and what is not. To assure that our customers receive high-quality used books, these guidelines must be followed when evaluating books that will be returned to MBS.