Merlin Cydcor Community

What is the Merlin community?

This community is the spot for Merlin characters watching the series. Read as the most beloved and hated characters of Merlin watch episodes of their lives unfold before them, and how learning the secrets of their dear Camelot change their view for better or worse? If you love reveals, this is the community for you.

Why choose cydcor?

Since 1994, Cydcor, a leader in outsourced sales, has been helping Fortune 500 and emerging companies achieve their customer acquisition, retention, and business growth goals.

What is this Merlin archive?

This is an archive for Merlin fiction of the future and/or modern AU variety. Also anything that delves deply enough into those catogories for a good justification. Various (any) pairings are stored and welcomed here, the most common focus pairing tends to be A/M. Only completed stories will be added.

What is Arthur/Merlin fanfic community?

This community aims to bring together all the BEST Arthur/Merlin fanfics, may they be GENERAL (friendship) or SLASH (romantic). If you have a fanfic to recommend for addition, please feel free to PM me! An archive bursting with quality stories centering around Arthur & Morgana.