Micro Center Employee Email

Why work at Micro Center?

Expect more than a typical big box retailer when you join the Micro Center team. Passion. Energy. Commitment. These are a few words that describe life at Micro Center. Whether it’s in our stores, our distribution center or our corporate home office, we share a common goal to be the best computer & electronics retailer in the world.

Why did Micro Center stay private?

And when other computer stores rushed to go public to cash in and get bigger faster, Micro Center knew that would limit our ability to put serving the customer first and decided to stay private. And while Micro Center grew more slowly, we stayed strong and survived as the bigger chains died. Today our future has never been brighter.

Why does Microcenter have such a low price?

This is strictly acknowledging Microelectornics. Discounts don’t suck, Microcenter realizes that they have competition so a lot of stuff is already cheaper than online prices to the point they break even on a lot of stuff in hopes they’ll get warranties/attachments and other high margin items.

Is microelectronics a good place to work for cashiers?

Well, Microelectronics said it the best for Cashiers really. I was roped into the General sales department but was bait and switched. In-fact, if you work there long enough you’ll soon realize how many people were bait and switched into thinking they got one position only to end up on the bottom floor in General Sales or Cashiers.