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What is MnDOT transit section?

MnDOT’s social media channels in one place. Within MnDOT’s Metro District, the Transit Section provides several shared services to partners in developing, designing and constructing transit systems. Resources, guides, regulations, applications and more for providers of transportation services for the elderly or disabled

What can MnDOT do for You?

MnDOT smoothness program and links to specifications, worksheets, publications and presentations Snow and ice, winter driving, plowing, anti-icing, pre-wetting, de-icing, winter logos and graphics. Maintenance resources and reports including the annual Winter Report at a Glance.

What is MnDOT doing about automated buses?

MnDOT is exploring the safe use of an automated bus in cold weather climates to position itself as a leader in this fast emerging technology area. MnDOT Shoreview Training and Conference Center information and reservation details Signing plans, manuals, specifications, design, training, reservation road signs and related information