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What is my landrumhr?

Combined with our team’s expertise, My LandrumHR is an industry-leading system that gives you the knowledge and insight to make managing your employees easier than ever. Below are all of the functions available to you through our system:

Why choose Landrum performance springs?

Landrum Performance Springs only uses the highest alloys and the most stringent research and development with highly trained experienced engineers. Landrum Performance Springs holds its tolerance to 2% and we prove it with a dyno sheet with every spring. No other spring manufacturer does this.

Why do I need to log in to mylandrumhr?

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Is Lander University right for You?

After her first three years in the role, she still feels that way. Whether you’re just starting your college education or seeking an advanced degree, Lander University is the right choice for you. Lander University offers high-demand and market-driven programs to ambitious and talented students in South Carolina and beyond.