My Zep Com

What is Zep?

Why ZEP? ZEP allows you to go from static to dynamic communication with dancing, jumping, chat bubbles, and emojis. Search YouTube to enjoy video clips with other participants. Also, you can freely embed images, gifs, or whiteboards. Social games you can enjoy with your friends are supported.

Who is zepcom?

Zepcom – Your trusted digital transformation partner! ZEPCOM is a leading technology consulting and integration firm delivering high performance software solutions across diverse industry verticals. At ZEPCOM, we understand how to create value for your business through the consolidation of technology, people and processes.

How do I create my own space in Zep?

Use the default templates provided by ZEP to create your own space with a few clicks You can create everything however you want including the size, floor structure, and interior designs If you lack time to create your own objects, try out using assets already made by other creators.