Myarkansaslottery App

What are the features of the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery apps?

Both apps will display the latest results from Arkansas Scholarship Lottery games and have other features for players. Scan eligible tickets into Club accounts for Second-Chance and Play It Again™ drawings and earn reward points.

What are the Arkansas Lottery games?

The Arkansas Lottery was approved in November 2008. Soon after being introduced, the Arkansas Lottery joined the two national lotteries, Mega Millions and Powerball. Besides the national lotteries, the Arkansas Lottery offers several state games, including Cash 3, Cash 4, Lucky for Life, and Natural State Jackpot.

How do I redeem my Arkansas Scholarship Lottery prize?

You can redeem your prize at any lottery retailer or at the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Claim Center in person or by mail. You must claim your prize at the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Claim Center in person or by mail. Claim your prize in person only at the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Claim Center.

Is the Arkansas Lottery 5-buck bundle back?

Multi-state lottery game lovers in Arkansas are in for a New Year’s surprise with the return of the Arkansas Lottery’s 5-Buck Bundle starting back up this month. The lives of an Arkansas woman and her family drastically changed overnight thanks to a $500,000 top prize from a scratch-off lottery ticket. More Arkansas Lottery news stories…