Are cyber charter schools public schools in Pennsylvania?

Cyber charter schools in Pennsylvania are public schools. This means that a diploma earned at CCA is a public school diploma, just like you would earn at a traditional public school. Otherwise, public cyber charter schools break the traditional education mold.

What is a cyber school?

As the internet closes in on 100% saturation levels in certain parts of the world, the concept of cyber school is growing. Cyber schools exists in the K-12 range and for every level of college/university education as well. Classes occur online and some degrees are even offered without ever needing to be in a physical classroom.

How do I apply for a Wyoming Valley West cyber school?

If you live in the Wyoming Valley West School District and are currently enrolled in another cyber school or are interested in our cyber school please contact the District at (570) 288-6551, Contact your guidance counselor. (scroll for information presentation.) Compass Learning When logging in make sure you enter WVW on the third line for School.

Why enroll your child in a cyber charter school?

Enrolling in public cyber charter school enables your child to experience a customized, flexible curriculum that will lead to continued growth and success.