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What are pawpaw points ®?

PAW POINTS ®? It’s got a brand-new home at Now you can get points for even more cat care stuff like food, treats, and even other litter brands. But don’t be skeered: Your account and all your existing points are safe — you’ll just earn them faster to rack up those sweet rewards.

How do I get points for my Cat products?

We want to shower you with points (and awesome rewards) too! Sign up & buy your fave cat products Buy almost any brand of Cat Food, Treats or Litter. Upload your receipt Take a pic of your receipt for kitty purchases, upload it and you’ll get points. Snag cool rewards Redeem points for rewards or donations to shelters.

How much litter did Paw Points donate to best friends?

With the support of Paw Points ® members, we donated over 2 million scoops of litter to Best Friends Animal Society ® to help shelters Save Them All.