How can Netsmart support help you?

Our Netsmart support team is here to help you whenever, wherever. Whether you need to talk to a human or access our client portal, we’re available to solve your needs 24/7/365. Find resources that will help you with all of your Netsmart solutions: • Talk to a human through designated phone support numbers

Why Netsmart for public health?

Developed specifically for public health clinics, Netsmart solutions offer integrated clinical and financial management features, and support public health initiatives, such as immunization, family planning, STD/HIV, communicable diseases and more.

What is Netsmart’s passion?

This is more than a mantra, it’s a representation of who we are. We believe in having fun, are passionate about giving back to our community, and ensure we take time to honor one another. Netsmart has 2400+ associates all over America! What’s your passion?

What is Netsmart private duty software?

Netsmart works to provide efficiencies and easy workflows, so you can do what you do best. Our private duty software offers a forms-based, clinical point-of-care system that works on any web-enabled device and provides the flexibility to manage private care in a home setting.