What will happen to OVMC and eorh when they close?

As they begin the closure process, OVMC and EORH will also continue their efforts to identify opportunities, alternatives, and options for both facilities. OVMC and EORH will also work closely with their employers, physicians, and patients as well as community leaders to ensure orderly closure process for both facilities.

What is the case of Wheeling Hospital v OVMC?

Wheeling Hospital, Inc., R & V Associates, LTD., and Ronald L. Violi, United States District Court for the Northern District of West Virginia Case No. 5:19-cv-00192-JPB. OVMC requires substantial improvement to its physical plant and the continued losses at OVMC and EORH do not leave funds available to complete such improvements.

Who is new at East Ohio Regional Hospital?

East Ohio Regional Hospital is excited to welcome Heather Sheilds, PA-C to our primary care division. Call today to set up an appointment with Heather: 740-633-4360. East Ohio Regional Hospital is excited to welcome Attila Lenkey, MD to our specialty care division.

Is there a blood drive at eorh?

EORH has partnered with the American Red Cross to hold a blood drive open to the public. Due to the severe blood shortage our nation faces EORH has stepped up to the plate to do our part.