Parentvue Loudoun

What do parentvue and studentvue provide?

ParentVUE and StudentVUE provide access to student schedules, assignments, grades and more. Online pre-registration is also available for new or returning students. The ParentVUE and StudentVUE mobile apps, which provide some, but not all content of the web version, are available for both Android and iOS devices.

How does Loudoun County School Division collect personal information about citizens?

It is the policy of the Loudoun County School Division that personal information about citizens be collected through its Web site only to the extent necessary to provide the service or benefit desired; only appropriate information will be collected; and that the public will be allowed to examine any information collected. This Web site:

How do I create a parentvue account?

Follow the steps in the Online Pre-registration Getting Started guide ( ENG) ( SPAN) to create your ParentVUE account and start the Online Pre-registration process. On the Introduction screen, be sure to pick the correct school year for your students.

Should pastors speak out against over-sexualized reading materials in Loudoun County public schools?

Parent and Child Loudoun has been urging pastors to speak out against the over-sexualized and violent reading materials, pro-transgender and racism promoted in Loudoun County Public Schools. PACL organized a Christian Leadership Forum in June 2021 to share expertise with Christian leaders.