Partnerconnect Overstock

Why partner with Overstock?

Why partner with us? Partnering with Overstock means benefiting from 20+ years of online sales experience, excellent customer service, and industry-leading e-commerce technology. Overstock is dedicated to making beautiful and comfortable homes accessible by helping customers easily and confidently find just what they want for less.

What is the VMware partner connect portal?

The Partner Connect Portal is your one-stop-shop for all VMware partner programs. Access your persona-based dashboard designed specifically with your business in mind. Link to valuable resources to help you design and augment your business plan.

Why partner with partnerconnect?

Developed with the input of our partners around the world, PartnerConnect is customized to meet the needs of different types of partners. This tailored approach helps us work most effectively with you, deliver program benefits that can make a big impact on your business, and reward you for investing in our relationship.

What are the incentives offered by VMware partner connect?

VMware Partner Connect and its incentive programs reward partners for growing their business, achieving solution competencies, and progressing to higher tiers within the program. Incentive eligibility is determined and applied by program tier level, market maturity, and business model.