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What is Philips SpeechLive app?

Then new Philips SpeechLive app allows you to take full control of your document creation workflow. You can turn your dictations into written text quicker and easier than ever before. The app offers professional quality recording functions, such as the ability to insert or cut audio sequences and even allows you to attach images to your recordings.

How do I set up SpeechLive?

Setting up SpeechLive is quick and easy. The fast and intuitive installation process ensures you are ready to go within minutes. If needed, authorized SpeechLive partners will offer local support and assistance. The workflow can conveniently be managed from your web browser. No need to install any complicated software.

Can I run SpeechLive and SpeechExec at the same time?

We recommend to not run the SpeechLive Desktop App and SpeechExec at the same time to avoid any potential upload conflicts. To view a summary of your last upload: Right click on the icon in the notification area and choose Show last upload summary. Click on Upload dictations.