Powerschool Buncombe County

What is the PowerSchool Parent Portal?

The PowerSchool Parent Portal connects parents to their child’s education. In addition to managing student contact and medical information, parents have real-time access to attendance, grades and assignments, notification preferences, and more. Parents of returning students also use the portal to annually update their child’s information.

What is PowerSchool SIS?

PowerSchool is the school district’s electronic student information system (SIS). PowerSchool helps your school access and maintain student, staff, and schedule information. PowerSchool uses the Internet to facilitate student information management and communication among school administrators, teachers, parents, and students.

How do I update my contact info in the PowerSchool portal?

Is is located on left side of the screen, near the bottom. If you don’t see it, click Grades & Attendance (top menu option) and check again. If the portal prompts you with a message that you’ve already completed an annual update, you’ll need to call your school’s PowerSchool manager to update your contact info.