Preventing Login Issue

How to fix login issues on websites that require a username?

Fix login issues on websites that require a username and password Enable cookies for the website. Make sure that cookies are enabled for the site in question. If you changed any… Clear history for that site. The cookies and temporary data already stored on your computer may be causing the problem. …

What are login issues and how do they affect your business?

Login issues are big business for IT departments – dealing with lockouts, confirming identities, and resetting credentials – which is not good for business overall. Plus, they’re a stressor for employees – one more thing they don’t want to have to deal with, when they’re just trying to get their work done.

What do I do if I’m unable to verify my account?

If you’re unable to verify your account even you follow the steps given by Facebook, then you can try reporting the issue using this contact form . However, if your account was locked or disabled, don’t use the form above. Follow the instructions explained in this article on what to do in this case. Join the community!