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How do I get a PowerSchool account?

Contact your school or district for access information and instructions. You can visit your school or district website, or speak with your school or district administrators. PowerSchool logins are granted by schools and districts. Each school will verify your identity before giving you an account to help protect student data and privacy.

What is the PowerSchool Department?

The mission of the PowerSchool department is to gather, maintain, analyze, and report student data to the local and state level to help better educate students.

Why choose only PowerSchool?

Explore the stories of our customers who are positively impacting student learning every day. Only PowerSchool provides a full range of unified edtech solutions to support better outcomes. Learn how we can help you unlock potential.

How does PowerSchool rank in the software report?

The Software Report ranks PowerSchool a Top 25 provider in their prestigious Top 100 Software Companies list.