Rankin County Powerschool

What is PowerSchool and how does it work?

PowerSchool is an advanced web-based student information system used by Rankin County School District that allows parents and students to check attendance, assignment completion and grades via the web and/or on your mobile device. Click the link below to access your appropriate PowerSchool Portal:

Who is Rankin County’s district attorney?

Since his appointment as District Attorney, and earlier as the thrice elected County Prosecutor in Rankin County, Special Prosecutor for Crimes Against Children and Assistant District Attorney for Madison and Rankin counties, District Attorney Bramlett has fought to protect the best interests of our citizens, children and the elderly.

What can you do in Rankin County?

Surrounded by national forests, a 33,000 acre man-made reservoir, and the 2nd largest river in the state (the Pearl River), Rankin County offers a multitude of outdoor and recreational activities. Come visit all Rankin County has to offer! Questions or Concerns with Waste Management?

Where is the Rankin County animal shelter located?

The Rankin County Animal Shelter is located at 710 Marquette Road in Brandon, MS. The shelter is open from 7:30am to 4:30pm Monday – Friday. The animal shelter also serves as dispatch for the Rankin County Sheriff’s Department Animal Control Division. The shelter’s phone number is 601-824-2024. Find us on Facebook.