What is a rms9 ball bearing?

This RMS9 ball bearing is a high-precision premium quality deep groove 1-1/8"x2-13/16"x13/16" ball bearing made to ABEC 3 precision standards from AXIS. What sets this RMS9 bearing apart from others is the ABEC 3 precision standard that this bearing is made to, the grade 10-balls used, and the superb electric motor quality rating (EMQ).

What is the model selection for the rms-9 conversion kit?

Table 1-1 MicroVersaTrip® RMS-9 Conversion Kit Model Selection For Fixed Sensors With Interchangeable Rating Plug Frame Size Stationary 3-or 4- or Draw-out Wire AKR-30/30H = TKR30 AKRU-30 AKR-50/50H = TKR50** s 3 AKRU-50 + OR + OR AKRT -50/SOH

Can the microversatrip® rms-9 kit be used for normal maintenance?

As a service-n3lated consideration, the installation of the MicroVersaTrip® RMS-9 kit provides an excellent opportunity to perform normal maintenance on the breaker. Such procedures are described in mainte­ nance manual GEK-64459. Also, any renewal parts required are listed in Renewal Parts publication GEF- 4527.

How do I convert a circuit breaker to microversatrip® rms-9?

The general approach is to first strip the breaker of its existing trip devices and then install the MicroVersaTrip® RMS-9 components. Following this, the converted breaker is performance-tested prior to being restored to service.