How do you log into Rosetta Stone?

• Install the Learn Languages: Rosetta Stone application on your mobile device • Open the application • Press “Sign In” • Choose “Work or School Use” • Enet r your Username and Password • Enter your Namespace • Press “Sign In” Getting Started is Easy…Start Learning Now!

How much can I learn with Rosetta Stone?

You probably won’t learn much with Rosetta Stone. That’s because a big portion of the program teaches you separate words without their context—and without context, words don’t have meaning. To understand why this is true, imagine being a foreigner trying to learn English.

Is Rosetta Stone Windows 10 compatible?

Some users reported that the error 2123 Rosetta Stone mainly occurs with some newer versions of Windows 10. This could be caused by incompatibility issues. To avoid the situation, you can try launching Rosetta Stone in compatibility mode or running the compatibility troubleshooter.

Can Rosetta Stone take you to fluency?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Rosetta Stone will not make you fluent in a foreign language. Rosetta Stone simply does not teach nearly enough vocabulary to get you fluent. Using Rosetta Stone, you will reach a very basic proficiency.