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What is the copyright number for RQA?

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What is the role of RQA?

RQA works as an extension of our team and provides flexible resources that include consulting support, forensics testing and supplier audits. Their support allows our Quality team to perform their daily responsibilities without interruption.”

How do I Register someone who doesn’t have an RQA account?

Please use that person’s login details if they already have an account, do not register a new account. If they do not have an account, please click on the ‘ register ‘ link below and ensure that you register with their name and contact information. Not logged into the RQA website before?

How does RQA work at Wakefern?

RQA performs Effectiveness Checks in Wakefern stores using a mobile application that keeps track of store visits and reports back to us… Protecting our consumers and the Wakefern/ShopRite brand is our priority and utilizing RQA helps us manage the growing number of recalls we receive, making for an effective and efficient process.”