Sapphire School Portal

What is the Sapphire web portal?

CASD’s Sapphire Web Portal is our tool for parents and students to access instant, online, timely and secure student information about their student’s work in the Chambersburg Area School District, about issues that may affect them and their family. Parents are a key factor to their child’s educational and academic success.

What is the Sapphire information system (Sapphire)?

Mechanicsburg Area School District uses the Sapphire Information System to maintain student information and communicate with families. The "Community Portal" is the web interface for this system that parents utilize to:

What is sapphire at school?

Chef Azmin founded Sapphire at School with the vision of “Every Child Deserves a Healthy Start” ®. The issue of good nutrition for school children is at the forefront of our society today: what better way to begin to change than by BEING the change we want to see? We will work with you to create a catering event to remember.

What changes have been made to the Sapphire community portal?

Exciting changes have been made to the Sapphire Community Portal (SCP), formerly known as the (CWP) Community Web Portal! The redesigned SCP has updated logos, colors, and illustrations and is built to be used on almost any internet-connected device – computer, tablet, or phone. It is easier to navigate and upload documents.