Scene Kid Com

What exactly is a scene Kid anyway?

What exactly is a "Scene Kid" anyway? The style of “scene” was originated from different rock subgenres such as alternative and hardcore. Scenesters take a lot of pride in their overall image, and often they appreciate shock value. Some people believe that scene is just a type of music.

How do I become a scene Kid?

Use this wikiHow to guide to teach yourself how to be a scene kid in no time at all. Get the hair. Scene hair can either be short or long, but often the longer hair has a bit of volume to it. Scene hair has to resist being bland. It’s one of the most important aspects of your appearance. Dye it and/or put some color into it.

What is a hardcore scene Kid?

The hardcore scene would refer to a group of people who enjoy the hardcore genre of music and who might discuss it with one another. A scene might also include the physical venues for such activities. Scene kid likely became associated with the scene subculture in the mid-2000s, when the subculture began to flourish in the US.

What is the scene style?

Scene boys and girls tend to have choppy layers and side bangs in their hair. Some girls will tease their hair to make it poofy at the top. Also dying chunks of your hair random colors is popular in the scene style. Many scene girls will wear at least one bow/headband/tiara in their hair on a daily basis.