Secure Nebh

How do I return to the nebh portal?

Returning users should access the portal at and click on the “My NEBH Online” button at the top right corner of the page. How will I receive messages from the portal?

Who is eligible to participate in the nebh portal?

Currently, only patients 18 years or older that are admitted to NEBH as an inpatient are eligible to participate. Outpatients are not eligible at this time, but will be later this year. My child (under 18 years of age) is a patient at NEBH, will they have a portal account?

How do I Change my Password in my nebh online?

To change your password, click the “Change Password” link on the My NEBH Online home page. This link is located on the blue bar at the top of the page. You will be prompted to enter your old password and to confirm your new password by typing it twice.

Why am I not receiving emails from nebh?

Please check your spam filter to see if these emails have been blocked. To prevent this from happening in the future, you can add “[email protected]” and "[email protected]" to your list of safe senders in your mail settings.